Writer, having several non-fiction, informative articles published in the past as a doctor in health sciences but now focusing on my writing as a novelist. My next novel scheduled for release in 2024 (Touchpoint Press)
and two more novels in the pipeline for publication in
2025 (Touchpoint Press, Running Wild Press).

Knowing that readers enjoy relaxing with a good book, I’m committed to bringing stories that fans will love. Whether you’re partial to mystery / suspense, coming-of-age or children's lit (genres I’ve written in), I hope you’ll connect with my books. Even if my novels are parallel to other genres of writers, I always give readers a unique experience that they’ve not seen in other books.

I love hearing from my readers, so please email me at booksbydcrivera@gmail.com and keep watching for my next novels’ release dates.


Coming Soon!

Shadow Aspect Novel by DC Rivera
Shadow Aspect Novel by DC Rivera

A New Psychological Thriller
by DC Rivera

Hot off the press – check out my new dark suspense novel. Available soon online and in select bookstores.

Sole survivor of her immediate family’s massacre in 1991, Nikki Smit seeks to solve the murders 25 years later. The killer at large has other plans. Plans that may end up silencing Nikki forever.
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"Shadow Aspect" To Be Released Soon

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